Before we can venture into the wonderful solution to some of your psychological needs, there are certain concepts that we need to explain to you first. 

With psychometric testing, a profile of all the person’s different attributes is compiled to give a comprehensive understanding to each individual and their functioning in general.  This will afford the individual the opportunity to grow from self-awareness and understanding as they will be equipped with the knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses combined with their personality functioning. 

Future employers and even higher education institutions find psychometric testing indispensable to attain the suitability of a candidate and might even deem it compulsory.  These can also give an indication to institutions of training and development needs.

What are the benefits of Psychometric Testing?

So to speak, psychometric testing is the GPS for your mind processes in order for you to find your way more easily with regard to certain life situations and choices you need to make.  It is a tool to aid you to understand your behaviour and to guide you in making the right choices with regard to your career etc.  It can also give an indication to the reasons why certain children do not perform as they should scholastically, with the benefit of early intervention to rectify the situation.  

It is very important for every person to know their own abilities and personal style before making choices with regard to study options, subject choices, study methods, choosing schools, career choices, suitability for a certain job or field of study and relationships. 

Who benefits from Psychometric Testing? 

  • Teachers, as they become aware of the interventions that will aid the student's learning process. 
  • Students, as they are made aware of their abilities and can perform accordingly. 
  • Employers, as the ideal candidates are selected. 
  • Employees as they can be placed in suitable positions. 
  • Parents are given peace of mind with regard to their children's scholastic performance. 
  • Higher education institutions can place candidates in suitable courses with a severe decrease in the dropout rate as students will enjoy their choice of study field more.
  • All relationships may improve with the improvement of self-awareness and the appropriate intervention in this regard.